Develop playful game


For last three years, I was a mobile game developer in a small company. As an experienced gamer, I enjoyed writing gameplay code and maintaining company’s game engine.

Develop commercial game


But as our company became more and more commercial, our game design lost soul and became boring. I left my company.

New experience


I’m interested in computer graphics from college. And I know the Autodesk is one of the most influential company in computer graphics. So now I’m a developer of 3D design software in Autodesk.

Blog contents

I like writing codes to create interesting things, playing interesting games, reading history books. So I want to share some technical learning notes, some game experiences…In short, it focus on Technical & Games.

To visitor

Hi guy, nice to meet you! Please feel free to contact me by email if you want to recommend games to me or have a technical talk with me.